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As residents of a metropolitan city, like San Diego or Coronado, it’s only natural to take for granted the everyday essentials: garbage collection, safe drinking water, and clean beaches.

But what if we each had to dispose of our own garbage – packing it up once a week, hoisting it into our vehicles, driving to the Landfill, paying a fee, then dumping it?

What if a sewer line breaks in our neighborhood, but there is nobody to fix it?

What if we turn on our kitchen faucet and the tap water is dirty and unsanitary?

What if firefighters try to save a home going up in flames and the hydrant runs dry?

What if we took our family for a day at the beach and there were no restrooms ?

Or to the park, and there was no grass or playground equipment, just overgrown weeds?

What if we took out-of-town visitors to the awardwinning Rose Garden at Balboa Park and all the flowers were dead?

What if traffic signals were broken?

What if Police had to repair their own patrol cars and couldn’t get to the crime scene on time?

Fortunately, residents don’t have to worry about not having these vital services, because our blue collar workers are on the job day and night -- even in storms, floods, wildfires, landslides and earthquakes.

The hardworking men and women of AFSCME LOCAL 127 deliver the vital services needed to protect you and your family’s health, safety and quality of life.

Working with city management and other union employees, Local 127 provides a wide range of services to residents, businesses, and their employees and visitors:

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