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Union Opposes Unfair Changes to DROP Benefit

Local 127 urges its members to vote NO in the SDCERS election over proposed changes to the Deferred Retirement Option Program, also known as DROP. The discriminatory measure would cut pension benefits to blue-collar workers and police officers but spare City Council staff from the concessions. Our workers need to shoot down this proposal to stop another unfair attack on the benefits of blue-collar workers while City Councilmembers shield their own offices from the cuts. This is a complete double-standard! The proposal would hike the eligibility age to enter DROP by five year and eliminate the option for an annuity payment. The proposal cannot go into effect unless approved by a majority of city employees in SDCERS (San Diego City Employees Retirement System). All employees have been mailed ballots by SDCERS, whether they are impacted or not. At this time, the change would not impact firefighters or white-collar employees represented by Municipal Employees Association. Non-union upper managers -- except City Council staff -- are impacted. The election takes place from March 23 through midnight, March 30. Ballots and election materials have been mailed to employees. Workers who have not received a ballot or are having voting problems, should immediately contact SDCERS at 619-525-3600. Employees must phone-in their vote by the deadline, using individual PIN numbers included in the election packet. Press 2 on your phone to vote NO to the unfair proposed changes. Be sure to confirm your vote when prompted, or it will not count. The goal of the DROP program is to retain experienced employees and to ensure the institutional knowledge necessary to deliver health and safety services to our community is kept intact. The proposed changes would increase the DROP eligibility age for Local 127 members from 55 to 60 and for police officers from 50 to 55. Employees hired after 2005 are not eligible for the program. A recent consultant's analysis of the program found it to be cost-neutral to the city.

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